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SCHOLL Concepts S2 Shock2Cut
SCHOLL Concepts
S2 Shock2Cut
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SCHOLL Concepts S30+
SCHOLL Concepts
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SCHOLL Concepts Universal Backing Plate
SCHOLL Concepts
Universal Backing Plate
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SCHOLL Concepts

For 50 years, SCHOLL Concepts (located in Remseck, Germany) has manufactured innovative car care products for the automotive paint and repair industry. The ambition to produce the highest quality of paint finishing, together with their intense commitment and passion for perfection, has earned them the reputation of being the most innovative, flexible and capable provider of holistic paint finishing solutions. SCHOLL Concepts has developed polishes designed to work faster and better on even the most difficult paint types. When it comes to compounds and polishes, Scholl Concepts is considered by many to be the best in the world!

The development of high-end micro polishing compounds is just one of SCHOLL Concepts' strengths. Their attention to perfection in paint protection, cleaning products and interior products is evident from the first use! Scholl Concepts not only produces a full line of premium car care chemicals and compounds, but also opened its own pad manufacturing facility to enable the design and production of a wide range of high-tech, high-quality pads. to polish using Foam, Felt, Microfiber, lambskin and woven lambswool.

Thanks to its modernized manufacturing facilities, Scholl Concepts is able to produce a variety of unique, superior quality polishing pads using various materials on a single production line. Proprietary foam compositions are produced exclusively for SCHOLL Concepts, while their custom foam milling machines allow them to produce virtually any foam shape, edge texture or contour their designs require.

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