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Ceramic Protection Packages


Our ceramic coating (or ceramic protection) package combines paint preparation, paint correction and interior cleaning. We offer different packages according to the client's needs. Each package includes different ceramic protections in various areas of the vehicle. 

These services require several days of work, some may take 2 to 4 days. They work by appointment and make your date with a deposit of 30% of the final cost. 

Prices for each service vary depending on the size and condition of the vehicle. ATH Movil Negocio, AMEX, Discover, Visa, Mastercard or PayPal are accepted 



Diamond Service 

For the most demanding and want the best quality This is our most complete package for the detailing and protection of your car. It combines our most complete paint correction service and our best ceramic paint protection. 

  • Level 4 Polishing
  • Paint protection with 5-year warranty (DQUARTZ Pro and Finest Reserve)
  • Exterior Plastic Ceramic Coating
  • Ceramic treatment for Interior (plastics, vinyl, leather and fabric)
  • Deep cleaning and Treatment on all glass
  • Wheel deep clean and ceramic coating application
  • Engine cleaning
  • Interior Detail

from $2,690.00


Platinum Service 

Our Platinum service offers a balance of a two-step paint polishing or correction plus paint protection of a minimum of 3 years. 

  • Polishing Level 3
  • Paint protection with 3-year warranty (DQUARTZ Pro and CQPro)
  • Exterior Plastic Ceramic Coating
  • Deep cleaning and Windshield Treatment (minimize water spots).
  • Engine cleaning
  • Deep cleaning of the wheels and coating of the wheel face
  • Interior Detail

from $1,990.00




Gold Service 

  • Polishing Level 3
  • Paint treatment with 2-year warranty (CQPro)
  • Engine Cleaning
  • Interior Detail
  • Treatment for exterior plastics

From $1,290.00



  • Ceramics for interiors (fabric, plastics and leather) from $345
  • Remove, clean and protect the rings (set of 4 rings): from $595
  • Glass Treatment: from $95

Our ceramic coating services are designed to give you the results you want without any extra effort. The ceramic coating acts as a protective sealant for the paint; It is durable and can even add value to your vehicle. We are proud to offer ceramic coating to the residents of Puerto Rico. We have extensive experience working with the following brands and models of high-end vehicles: 

  • Tesla
  • Porsche
  • Corvette
  • Range Rover
  • Mercedes (AMG)
  • BMW
  • Mustang
  • Tahoe
  • Denali
  • Lincoln

If you recently purchased your car or have a habit of reading about the newest vehicle amenities on the market, you've probably heard a thing or two about ceramic coating, but you've probably come across competing information. Manufacturers and dealers can make bold claims about the ceramic coating on their cars, but judgment is essential when navigating the automotive world. 

We are proud to offer the leading ceramic coating, CQUARTZ Professional,Finest Reserve and DQUARTZ Pro. The benefits of applying CQUARTZ is that it allows your vehicle to stay cleaner longer while protecting the paint from chips and debris buildup. In addition to long-lasting hygiene and maintenance benefits, CQUARTZ Professional presents aesthetic advantages. 

When you choose CQuartz Professional ceramic coating for your vehicle, you are making a worthwhile investment to protect your vehicle from: 

  • UV rays and oxidation
  • Water stains and oil marks.
  • Road salts, chemicals and solvents
  • Brake dust, iron contamination and residue.
  • Weathering, abrasion and wear.
  • Insects, dust, dirt, asphalt and tar.
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