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CARPRO Certified Installers

Introducing CQUARTZ Professional services, powered by CARPRO. The CARPRO Chemicals team is made up of experts in inorganic nanotechnology and creators of advanced car care solutions. With in-house laboratory and manufacturing facilities, as well as an exclusive network of authorized retailers around the world, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of quality to our customers.

In 2010, CARPRO introduced the Western world to a new solution for automobile appearance and protection. As experts in inorganic nanotechnology, CARPRO chemicals continue to lead the industry to this day with revolutionary technologies and ideas.

Our line of sophisticated decontamination, corrective and high-gloss coating products help protect and maintain the value and beauty of your vehicle; while enhancing your appearance with the performance of the latest ingredients derived from nanotechnology.

These incredible cutting-edge materials are used in everything from our cutting-edge CQUARTZ coatings to our gloss polishes and more!

Enter the CQPRO team of installers... It seemed natural to put the power of professional-grade nanotechnology in the hands of the world's most talented detailers, so in 2012 we set out to do just that!

From day one, the goal of our professional programs and the CQUARTZ Finest team has been to certify the most talented, caring and characterful professionals from around the world.

Over the years, the program has continually improved and demanded more from its installers, while driving chemists (CARPRO) to innovate and provide the tools necessary to exceed the expectations of our specialists and customers time after time. time.

We've never been the type to choose the path of least resistance and the incredibly positive feedback from our customers continues to motivate us to this day! Allowing our core principles to guide us has never let us down and we can proudly guarantee that you will experience the same.

The coatings for professionals are the following:



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