Paint Correction Services


We have different polishing services or as it is called now, paint correction. Yes, there may be different paint correction services. We have a variety of polishing options, because not every client is looking for the same result on their car. In addition to taking into account the final result that the client is looking for, we have to remove the paint.

The polishing process, removing a little of the transparent lacquer from the paint ("clear coat"), in this way we eliminate scratches or "swirls". Since we are removing that lacquer, we always work to leave enough paint to maintain its integrity, so that it does not have premature failure.



Level 1: "Paint Enhancement"

You may mostly know this as a gloss, or in English it is also known as "paint enhancement." The idea is better the shine or appearance of the paint. In our case, a polisher known as 3 in 1 is mainly used here. It can also be used with a fine polisher or primer, especially if the client wants a ceramic coating to protect the paint. Which allows us to increase the gloss of the paint in a safe way. This process does not remove scratches or light to moderate water stains, in those cases it would be necessary to start with Level 2 polishing.

Level 2: One Step Polishing

Here we are already working with a medium cut polisher, to improve the paint in a single step or polishing process. Many will know this process as a polishing step or a correction step. The important thing about this level of polishing is to eliminate scratches, water stains or light to moderate "swirls" and increase the gloss of the paint.

Level 3: Two Polishing Steps

At this level we increase the polishing steps to two steps. This allows us to eliminate scratches, water marks or severe "swirls". An aggressive polishing step is used to remove these severe defects; then the second polishing step, to increase the shine and depth of the paint. Some call this process paint correction.

Level 4: Multiple Steps or Polishing Stages

At this level, we are looking to eliminate most of the scratches in the paint and bring that paint shine to its fullest expression. The big difference compared to Level 3 is that this Level 4 is several stages of polishing or paint correction. The steps needed to eliminate and achieve the result we are looking for. It is for those clients who want to see their painting with as few marks as possible.

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