CARPRO Essence Gloss Primer Polish

CARPRO Essence Gloss Primer Polish

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Preparator (primer) to improve the gloss and anchoring of ceramic coatings. Read more.

Product description

Essence High Gloss Primer Polish

The best thing about Essence Gloss Primer is versatility. It is a 3-in-1 polisher, brightener and primer. Contains abrasives for cutting and polishing (same Reflect abrasives, but in smaller quantities); It also contains SiO2 for protection and to be a surface preparer for CQUARTZ.

Essence can be combined with a cutting pad to remove defects (a microfiber pad is ideal). When combined with a shine pad like our Gloss Pad, you can achieve incredible shine.

Another job that Essence does is like a 3 in 1 or "all in one". As it contains abrasives and protection; allows you to polish and protect paint in one step. You control the cutting level with the mote; if you want an aggressive cut, use microfiber

It can be used: by hand, DA (dual action), or rotary.

Instructions to apply:


  1. shake the bottle well so that everything is mixed
  2. use a microfiber applicator and apply 4 small dots of Essence Primer
  3. rub the applicator in a circular motion into the paint, work in an 18"x18" area after working the product, wait for it to turn white; at that time you can remove it
  4. We recommend applying Reload, SiC or CQUK, to increase protection. It is important to wait one hour before applying any protection. We also recommend using Eraser to remove any residue.


  1. shake the bottle well so that everything is mixed
  2. For greater cutting, use a microfiber pad; For maximum shine use with Gloss Pad or Spider Finishing
  3. When using the microfiber pad, apply Essence to the entire pad to cover the entire area. To shine just apply 4 small dots on the speck.
  4. Use speed 4 for with microfiber pad. For shine speed 3 or 4 work the product until it disappears (in some paints this can change and you can remove it before the product disappears)
  5. After removal, wipe with Eraser to ensure complete removal.
  6. We recommend applying SiC, CQUK or Reload for greater paint protection




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