CARPRO Immortal PPF Information
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CARPRO Immortal PPF Information

CARPRO Immortal PPF Information

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Information about CARPRO Paint Protection Film. Immortal offers great protection and aesthetically looks impressive. Read more.

Product description

Immortal Instant Self-Healing PPF

Immortal™ PPF is the latest development in CARPRO's pursuit of complete automotive paint protection. CARPRO Immortal™ features instant self-healing, spectacular clarity, minimal orange peel, easy application and more! Its self-healing capabilities are fully functional even in cold temperatures! This means you won't have to use heat guns or hot water to fix scratches; you'll just never notice them. As innovative as it may be, pushing the limits of self-healing properties is just one of the many considerations that went into creating CARPRO Immortal™ PPF. We have extensively tested and developed each area of performance to ensure that Immortal™ PPF offers (and maintains over time) the highest level of transparency, clarity and a high gloss finish with a strong self-cleaning hydrophobic effect.



  • Resists rock chips, swirls, scratches, bugs and bird droppings.
  • Self-healing even in cold temperatures.
  • Perfect transparency and high gloss finish.
  • Does not yellow.
  • Highly hydrophobic/stain resistant/self-cleaning.
  • Extremely low orange peel effect.
  • UV resistant.
  • Easy installation thanks to 150% flexibility and calibrated adhesion.


  • Urathane supplier SWM Argotec (US)
  • Acrylic adhesive supplier Ashland (US)
  • Liner supplier Toray (JP)
  • Aliphatic TPU Material
  • Thickness w/o liners 210 μm (8.5 mils) ± 5%
  • Tensile Strength 42 MPa
  • Impact Resistance A Grade
  • Stain Resistance A Grade
  • Xenon aging resistance No Damage
  • Gloss 97-98 GU (very glossy)
  • Final Adhesion >20N/25mm


  • Gloss (brilloso transparente) rollos son de 50 ft de largo
    • 30"
    • 60"
    • 72" (rollo 33ft de largo)
  • Matte:
    • 60"
  • Gloss Black
    • 60"

Immortal Cut is the program to cut the Immortal PPF. Acquiring it is free. With the purchase of each roll, you will have the credits to be able to cut the PPF in the program. You can request the program directly with CARPRO, at this link:


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CARPRO Immortal PPF Information
Immortal PPF Information
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