CARPRO Perl: Plastic Engine Rubber Leather Protectant

CARPRO Perl: Plastic Engine Rubber Leather Protectant

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Very versatile product to protect plastics, engines, rubber and leather. It is concentrated, which can be diluted with water, to control its shine and the way it is applied to the surface. Read more.

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Plastic, Engine, Rubber, Leather

Our opinion:

Perl is one of our favorite products because of its versatility. It can be used as a shine for rubber, a protector for interior and exterior plastics, vinyl, and leather. Since it is concentrated when you dilute it with water, one can control the shine it offers on the surface it is applied to. When used as a gloss for rubber, Perl stays on the rubber and does not splash onto the paint.

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CARPRO Perl is a water-based diluent that covers a wide range of vehicle care tasks. It can be used to restore the appearance of deteriorated plastic surfaces, as well as new surfaces and keeps them in good condition with strong UV protection and hydrophobic protection. The sun can be harmful to flexible materials, such as rubber, plastic and leather. Little by little and over time they fade and become brittle and cracked. CARPRO Perl is changing the rules, providing excellent protection and lasting up to three months on interior and engine surfaces. Durability on exterior surfaces varies depending on the type of plastic and exposure in its environment. It can protect up to 3 months outdoors on the surface, but if you constantly see rainy conditions, dark appearance of the protection diminishes. For extremely durable protection for exterior plastics I recommend CARPRO DLUX.


Protection for UV rays.
Versatility: can be applied to interiors, plastics and leather.
It is sold in a concentrated form, which offers enormous value. Dilute with water according to instructions.
You can control the appearance by diluting the product. (the more water you add, the less shine)
Water-based and solvent-free. It does not damage tires (rubber) or dry out plastics. But once it dries, it offers a hydrophobic layer that prevents dirt and grime.
Surfaces treated with Perl require less cleaning and will keep looking new longer.

CARPRO Perl Interiores

The dilutions: (Note - You are welcome to adjust any of the dilutions according to your needs and tastes. The more water you add, the less shiny the surface will be.)

Below are some suggestions. I recommend Pump dispenser to handle Perl easier. To dilute use the Dilute bottle:

  • Exterior plastics: you can use neat or dilute 1:1 with water
  • Motor: 1 part Perl / 1 to 3 parts water (1:3)
  • Tires: Undiluted or 1:1 (I recommend 1:1)
  • Vinyl and Leather Interior: 1 part Perl / 5 parts water (1:5) this mixture will have a factory look.
  • Wheelwells: 1:4 to 1:8
    It is very important to apply Perl on a completely clean rubber or rim. I recommend using ReTyre or Multi X to clean the rubber.




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