CARPRO Spotless 2.0 Water Spot Remover

CARPRO Spotless 2.0 Water Spot Remover

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Remover of minerals that affect the appearance of the paint and the performance of the ceramic coating. Spotless does NOT negatively affect the coating. Read more.

Product description

Water Spot Remover

Spotless 2.0 uses an improved chemical formula with stronger acids to break down mineral deposits on the surface before they can etch into the finish (paint), thereby eliminating the need for polishing, extending the life of the paint film.

Spotless 2.0 safely neutralizes hard water stains and stains on plastics, emblems, glass, paint and modern clear coat rims. Spotless V2 is an essential element for preparing flat paint for coating and/or maintenance. Spotless' proprietary blend of carefully balanced acids safely breaks down mineral deposits on most hard materials and can even be used in CQUARTZ coatings, helping you keep your vehicle stain-free.


  1. Clean the surface. Work with a cold and shaded surface (glass or paint).
  2. Use protection for your hands and face. Spotless is an acid.
  3. Apply Spotless to a microfiber towel or applicator. Work sections of the glass, NOT the entire glass. It can also be used in painting (also work in sections).
  4. Agitate the surface with the towel or applicator to remove water marks. Do not leave the product on the surface for more than 1 minute. I recommend working in small sections.
  5. If there are still minerals on the surface, repeat steps 3 and 4.
  6. After spot cleaning, immediately clean the area with water to remove and neutralize the Spotless residue.




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CARPRO Spotless 2.0
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