CARPRO HydrO2 Lite (RTU) Silica Sealant

CARPRO HydrO2 Lite (RTU) Silica Sealant

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It is a quick-apply sealant to protect various surfaces of your vehicle. With a duration of up to 3 months. Read more.

Product description

CARPRO HydroO2 Lite Ready to Use

Same idea as HydrO2, but in a ready-to-use Formula.

CARPRO Hydro Lite is formulated with hydrophilic glass fibers, silicon polymers, and fluoropolymers and can be applied to all vehicle surfaces: paint, glass, plastic, rims, suspension parts, etc. HydrO2 Lite was formulated specifically for people seeking the extraordinary shine and incredible self-cleaning effect offered by HydrO2 Concentrate.

The simple spray and rinse application saves you time and results in a silica coating that produces an incredible shine, while keeping the surface protected. Our "Hydroelectric bonding" feature means HydrO2 Lite reacts chemically upon contact with water. This means the transformation of coating from hydrophilic to hydrophobic. Water pressure accelerates the bonding of HydrO2 Lite to the surface creating a hydrophobic layer.


  • Ready to use mix
  • Instantly increases the shine, depth and smoothness of your paint
  • Easy to use in almost any environment.
  • HydrO2 Lite can be used as a quick detailer, or after every time you wash.
  • Ease of use: Spray on wet surface and rinse or spray on dry surface and remove with microfiber.
  • Versatility: Use on any surface
  • Dirt and water are repelled from the surface.
  • No curing time necessary
  • UV protection
  • Resistant to almost all acids, alkaline solutions, and solvents
  • Durability: 2 to 3 months




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