CARPRO Polyshave Decon
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CARPRO Polyshave Decon

CARPRO Polyshave Decon

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Polyshave replaces traditional plasticine. It is used to do mechanical decontamination on paint. Read more.

Product description

CARPRO PolyShave Decon

For professionals and hobbyists alike using Polyshave is a simple and quick method to remove surface contaminants from vehicle glass and paint. Our Polyshave is one of three options in our Polyshave line and is built to last much longer than plasticine.

Decontaminating the paint surface is critical to car care. You want to remove all contaminants before polishing so you can work on a clean surface.

For years, plasticine was the only method of paint decontamination, but now with Polyshave, IronX, and TarX we offer a variety of methods for surface decontamination. Polyshave Decon removes surface contaminants from above but unlike plasticine it is not as long lasting. Also unlike clay if you drop any product from our Polyshave line it can be rinsed and still used! With clay at any time your throw becomes instant trash and must be thrown out. Our CARPRO USA Polyshave Block not only rinses off easily, but also lasts longer than clay time and time again.

Deep clean paint and glass in less time and with less effort than a traditional clay bar. Our new advanced rubber polymer technology removes above-ground paint, road grime, tar, overspray, water spots, tree sap, rail dust and other bonded surface contaminants easily. After use the surface will be clean, smooth and free of contaminants.


  • Advanced Rubber Polymer Technology
  • Quickly shaves away surface contaminants and leaves the surface soft to the touch
  • Re-usable: Simply rinse after use and re-use over and over again.
  • Replaces aggressive claying
  • Removes contamination faster than clay
  • Eliminate hand and finger fatigue
  • Lasts 5 times longer than clay, at a fraction of the cost


  1. Wash the vehicle
  2. For first break use on the PolyShave block using on the windshield or glass before painting.
  3. Apply Ultima Lubricant Cleaning Gel liberally and keep the surface wet with lubricant.Do not use pressure, simply slide across the surface repeatedly
  4. Rinse block often
  5. Clean up debris after each section


  • As with any mechanical decontamination product, polishing afterward may be necessary to remove any micro marring.
  • For a perfect finish use finishing wax after use




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