CARPRO ECH2O Waterless & Quick Detailer Concentrate

CARPRO ECH2O Waterless & Quick Detailer Concentrate

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Concentrated cleaner with great versatility in use. It is mainly used for waterless cleaning and as a liquid wax. Read more.

Product description

Concentrate: Waterless & Quick Detailer

To take advantage of the attributes that CQUARTZ and other ceramic coatings offer, maintenance is very necessary. In this maintenance it is very important to use products that are compatible with CQUARTZ or other ceramic coatings. The products must not alternate the characteristics of the coating. Some of these are:

  • attract less dust and dirt
  • the great hydrophobicity on the surface
  • self-cleaning effect

Echo is designed not to affect ceramic coatings.

It is a product designed to wash the vehicle and to use as a Quick Detailer. Contains cleaners, lubricants, polishes, and silica; This allows you to clean the surface and increase the shine, minimizing the risk of marking the paint. As it contains silica, it is compatible with CQUARTZ and does not alter the characteristics of the ceramic.

A great advantage that Echo has is its versatility. It is a very versatile product, it can be used as a waterless, quick detailer, lubricant for plasticine, window cleaner, interior cleaner, etc. It is also a very economical product because it is concentrated. Depending on the use, the mixture or dilution changes.

To use Ech2O you need to dilute it. We have tools that help you dilute, measure and dilute the Echo easily. We recommend using the Dilute bottles, or the CARPRO Measure meter.

Recommended dilutions:

  • Waterless (1:15)
  • Quick Detailer / Liquid Wax (1:25 - 1:30)
  • Lubricant for plasticine (1:40)
  • Rinseless wash (1:200)
Dilution Bottle 16oz Bottle 32oz Bottle de 128oz
1:15 1.0 oz of Echo 2 oz of Echo 8 oz of Echo
1:20 0.76 oz of Echo 1.5 oz of Echo 6 oz of Echo
1:25 0.62 oz of Echo 1.2 oz of Echo 5 oz of Echo
1:40 0.59 oz of Echo 0.78 oz of Echo 3 oz of Echo





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